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The 5 best sustainable gifts for this Christmas

Sinterklass? Secret Santa?  With your friend? With your family?... and, Christmas?... I know the list of end of the year celebrations seem to never stop. What this also means is that most of us, will probably have to do a dozen gifts during this month. Read this post to know my list with the 5 best sustainable gifts fro this Christmas. Read More

Top 5 gifts for ocean lovers

Looking for a gift for an ocean lover? In this post, as an ocean lover myself, I want to share with you my selection of the 5 best gifts for ocean lovers for this holiday season. Read this article to know why Got Bag, The Ocean Bottle, Bracenet and Healthy Seas Socks are my preferred brands for gifts for ocean lovers. Read More

Kleinbedrijfje.nl & The Good Gift store

We have been recently featured in Kleinbedrijfje.nl! If you are curious about who we are, why we started our store and why we do what we do, pleas Read More

Our ultimate guide of sustainable gifts for Mother's Day

This year, celebrate the love for your Mother with a sustainable gift. Check out our ultimate guide of sustainable gifts for Mother's day. Eight selected sustainable gifts that have a positive impact in the planet. Read More
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