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What is Lokta paper?

The paper is handmade from the bark of the Lokta or Daphne papyracea plant, a shrub not unlike a large raffia plant, that grows in the foot of the Himalayas at more than around 2000 mt.

Mountain villagers trek to where the lokta grows, harvest it, then transport it back to the village. It is boiled, cleaned, then beaten with wooden mallets to product the fibre pulp. It is then mixed with water and poured into a shallow floating frame made from bamboo poles stretched with canvas, then sun-dried to produce the crisp long fibre paper. Once dry it’s ready to be dyed and printed by skilled craft makers.


The giftwrap on our website is handmade by Get Paper Industries (GPI), a socially aware cooperative in Nepal. GPI offers local support to people affected by HIV and Aids to establishing schools to support the education of underprivileged children. Harvesting this sustainable plant helps preserve the fragile ecosystem in Nepal and gives regular fairly paid work to the people of the many mountain villages.

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