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Our ultimate guide of sustainable gifts for Mother's Day

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” – Cardinal Mermillod


It is true, mothers are irreplaceable and they will always have a special place in our hearts. However, sometimes we don't take the time to express our love to them. This year more than ever, it is important to show love to our mothers and be close to them, even if at the distance. To help you with that, we have created a special collection with gift ideas, especially for her.  We believe we need to show our mothers that they deserve a treat and they deserve to feel special, and we think that this can be done with a positive impact on our planet. We are on a mission to show love without avoidable waste and excessive consumption. This is why as every product at The Good Gift store, all those gift ideas make the world a better place, by helping to clean our oceans, giving waste new life or supporting different social enterprises. On our side, every 6 months we donate 1% of our sales to FishAct, a great NGO that fights to end illegal and destructive fishing practices, for a future where our oceans can be again full of life.

So, do you think your mother would be happy to receive a sustainable gift this year?

Below you can find our selection of the best sustainable gifts for this 2021 Mother's Day celebration:


Sustainable Incense Kit from Patagonia



Give your mother an incense kit that will bring a peace moment in her daily routine.

This kit of incense includes a flat volcanic rock, clay base, volcanic sandbag and a box of 6 canelo incense sticks (cinnamon plant) bark. The cinnamon is an evergreen tree that inhabits much of the territory of Argentina and Chile. It is one of the sacred trees of the Mapuche people (indigenous peoples in Chile), and when burned a great sense of peace fills in the space.

You are choosing incense that represents a harmonious, respectful and regenerative relationship with the forest. The raw material, El Canelo or Foye - is a ceremonial sacred tree. Its leaves and branches are burned as a sign of cleaning and purification, communicating the power of aromas and ancestral wisdom. All materials are selected under principles of responsible forest management and local development, safeguarding the natural and cultural heritage of Chile. See all incenses.


Treecelets - the bracelets that plant trees



Give your mother a bracelet that plant trees.

For each Treecelet, 3 trees are planted in different parts of the world. Check the name of each, to see where. Deforestation is a pressing environmental problem, and with just a bracelet you make a difference, and you are also raising awareness.

Treecelets are handmade in Slovenia by mothers that take care of their children at home or by disabled communities, and local workers receive sustainable and fair wages. See treceelets.


Bracelets made of upcycled ocean plastic



Show love to your mum and to our oceans by choosing a present made of ocean plastic.

Choose among bracelets made of abandoned and discarded fishing nets or others made of upcyled PET bottlesSee bracelets.


Fair pillows

Does your mum love her home, and she's always looking for ways to improve her happy place?

Then this pillow cases in cotton are the right choice. They are not just beautiful, they are also good to people: they are made by refugees and 100% of the profits are used to support them and their families back home. See pillows.


A folding bag made of old saris

Does your mum often forget her bag before going shopping?

Then, this folding bag that fits in a pocket will be a great gift for her.

It is a classic bag with a twist. Great for shopping, picnic, sightseeing or just walking around the city, this bag is made of worn and cleaned saris in Sri Lanka, upcycled to create something really unique. It is a fair trade product made from waste material found on Sri Lanka's coastline. Your gift directly tackles two issues: the growing amount of plastic waste and lack of job opportunities for women from rural areas. Everything is handmade by female artisans, of course paid fair wages, according to fair trade principles. See the bag.


Cases, toiletry bags and rucksacks that protect  Patagonian wildlife

Support wildlife conservation toiletry bagSupport wildlife conservation drawstring bagSupport wildlife conservation case

This range of products are perfect for animal lovers. Not just amazing design and quality, these gift also represent great commitment to education and protection of nature. A percentage of sales are donated to various foundations that study native animals from the south of Chile and protect them:

  • Every time you buy a Huemul product, you contribute to the Puelo Patagonia corporation, who is in charge of studying the populations of huemul in the Del Río Puelo basin, mitigating threats to its survival and fostering protection.

  • With Martín Pescador (kingfisher), Huillín (Southern river otter) or Guanaco accessories, you support the work carried out by Fundación Legado Chile to promote protection, research and education on the ecosystem of the Maullín River, a wild river in the Lake District of Chile that provides wild habitat to more than 100 species of birds, and preserves one of the largest swamp forest extensions.

See the collection.

A last detail that she will certainly appreciate.

To complement your gift, the most original greeting card...


Elephant dung paper greeting card

Do you want your present to be really sustainable and special? Write all your love on a greeting card with positive impact! What makes this gift card so sustainable and special is that the paper used comes from elephant poop… How? First of all, the elephant dung is collected and then boiled with margosa leaves, which are a natural disinfectant, and finally mixed with 25% recycled paper. Each sheet is unique, as the shade and smuttiness of the paper depends on the elephant diet!

All the elephant dung paper used in our products is acid-free and handmade at the Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust in Sri Lanka. Zero waste and fair to artisans in the rural communities who are paid fair wages for manufacturing and also to local villages working at collecting the elephant dung that is used to make the paper. With your purchase you are also supporting Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF), a small charity that cares for sick, old and disabled elephants. The foundation is also working to resolve the conflict between elephants and local communities, a critical concern as the elephants' natural habitat decreases and they turn to eating farmers' crops.

Last, but not least, the wrapping!

Have you selected the perfect gift? Now comes the wrapping! Most of wrapping is single-use, and it might even contain plastic. As reusable options we recommend to choose a cool furoshiki, and we can offer you these amazing wrapping clothes made of upcycled saris. They can be used for gifts, and then reused to wrap everything, from your lunch to the next gift. 

As an alternative, choose natural wrapping paper. At The Good Gift store you can have your gift wrapped in lokta paper, a plant native to the Himalayas fair trade and handmade in Nepal. Harvesting this sustainable plant helps preserve the fragile ecosystem in Nepal and gives regular fairly paid work to the people of many mountain villages.

In these difficult times you are unable to deliver yourself your special gift?

We take care of that too.

We deliver your presents all over the world, in a beautiful plastic-free packaging and with a personalized note.

Choosing ethical and sustainable gifts is easy now. 

Valentina and The Good Gift store team

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