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Top 5 gifts for ocean lovers

Looking for a gift for an ocean lover? In this post, as an ocean lover myself, I want to share with you my selection of the 5 best gifts for ocean lovers for this holiday season.


About making a gift to an ocean lover


Finding a gift for a loved one is not so easy. However, there are plenty of options out there. When it comes to gifts for ocean-lovers I think there are a couple of considerations that you should always keep in mind.


Plastic is a no-go

In general, anything that contains plastic is a no-go for an ocean-lover (and hopefully for everyone else). Every year, at least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean, and plastic already makes up 80% of all marine debris found from surface waters to deep-sea sediments. In principle, anything that contains plastic is a no-go for every ocean lover.  

Plastic is a no go for ocean lovers

There is one exception though…the goal is  absolute reduction of plastic use in our lives, but what to do with the plastic that is already there? 


Gift Idea 1: Got Bag upcycled plastic backpacks

Over the last years, we have seen the emergence of a multitude  of social impact companies that create amazing products out of ocean waste.  Products made of upcycled ocean plastic are great gifts for ocean lovers. Take as an example Got Bag, a German company makes amazing high quality backpacks from recovered ocean plastic. Their rolltop backpack is made of 3.5kgs recovered ocean plastic from Indonesia, is 100% waterproof, durable and comes with a 2-year warranty. A great example of a positive impact product, and therefore, a great gift option. If you find this rolltop backpack too bulky or expensive, then take a look at the lighter version: the Got Bag daypack.

Got Bag at The Good Gift store 

Gift Idea 2: The Ocean Bottle

I simply love it. Even though not yet available on our webshop, this ocean bottle is certainly a great gift idea. A beautiful stainless-steel bottle that keep warm drinks for X hours and cold for Y hours. But that's not even the best part. . For the purchase of each Ocean Bottle you support the recovery of 1,000 plastic bottles from the ocean. A  gift to restore  the environment and helps to avoid plastic consumption.

 The Ocean Bottle

Gift Idea 3: Bracenet

Bracenets are bracelets made of recovered fishing nets abandoned in the sea. Ghost nets are handcrafted into unique bracelets, upcycling a piece of real net for every product. What I love about them s, besides their beautiful colors, is that each one has inspired by a specific sea. Does your loved one have a favourite place, or a dream destination? Then the bracelet will be even more appreciated! You can find the Tasman sea, Adriatic, Atlantic, Red sea and many more! Each bracenet also comes with the date on which the ghost net was recovered.

Bracenet at The Good Gift

Gift Idea 4: Healthy Seas Socks

Healthy Seas socks are also made of lost and abandoned fishing nets. Each sock contributes to reducing the amount of plastic pollution in the oceans and to save fishes and marine animals. Healthy socks is also a Fair Wear member: this means certified sustainable manufacturing.

At The Good Gift you can find several options of Healthy Seas Socks and my favorite one for this Christmas are the gift boxes.

 Healthy Seas Socks at The Good Gift store

Gift Idea 5: Clean the ocean bundle (SAVE 12%)

If you think that both racenets and the Healthy Seas Socks are great gift ideas, then you will love our clean the ocean sets (small or large).  With a set you save up to 12% and you can combine  any pair of socks with a Bracenet. How great is that?

Clean the Ocean sets from The Good Gift store 

1% to FishAct to fight illegal fishing

Finally, I am always excited to share that 1% of the profits of  The Good Gift store goes to FishAct. FishAct is an NGO working to end illegal and destructive fishing practices, for an ocean full of life (www.fishact.org).


I hope that this guide was useful in helping you find the next gift for an ocean lover.

I wish you a beautiful Christmas together with your loved ones.

Valentina ☺️

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