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Stylish gardening apron with a useful pocket for every accessory. 

Made of upcycled rice bags from Sri Lanka. Handmade locally by rural women, certified fair tradeAnother product that contributes to a clean world, women's empowerment and gender equality!

Every product is made from a different rice sack, therefore pictures are representative and every apron is absolutely unique!

Complement it with plastic-free gardening gloves!

Your impact

Be fair to people, Fight gender inequality and Give waste a new life: You are choosing fair trade products made from waste material found Sri Lanka's coastline. Rice & Carry directly tackles two issues: growing amount of plastic waste and lack of job opportunities for women from rural areas. Everything is handmade by female artisans, of course paid fair wages, according to fair trade principles.


100% cotton apron with removable leather straps and two side pockets.

Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm

The Huemul, endemic and southernmost deer in the world, is on the red list of threatened species according to the IUNC. Today, its conservation status is in danger of extinction. 

Your impact

Wildlife conservation: Garuga is not only amazing designs and quality.  It is commitment to education and protection of nature. A percentage of sales are donated to various foundations that study native animals and protect them:

  • Every time you buy a Huemul product, you contribute to the Puelo Patagonia corporation, who is in charge of studying the populations of huemul in the Del Río Puelo basin, mitigating threats to its survival and fostering protection.
  • By buying products from Martín Pescador (kingfisher), Huillín or Guanaco, you support the work carried out by Fundación Legado Chile to promote protection, research and education on the ecosystem of the Maullín River, a wild river in the Lake District of Chile that provides wild habitat to more than 100 species of birds, and preserves one of the largest swamp forest extensions.

Care instructions: hand wash, do not wet the leather, do not tumble dry.

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