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Useful products for household and garden, mostly made of natural rubber or recycled materials, sustainable and fairly traded. Whatever you choose, you are having a positive impact!

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A long-lasting and reusable seed tray made of fair trade and FSC® certified natural rubber. Due to its flexibility the young plants can easily be removed for planting.

Natural rubber is a great alternative to plastic based articles for your sustainable garden. Made from a renewable resource, plastic free, long lasting and reusable.

30 modules.

Your impact

Live greener: by choosing eco-friendly products made of renewable materials like natural rubber, you make a difference in terms of health, environmental, and social impacts. Eco-friendly means that products are produced sustainably and at low-impact, with respect for people and the environment. In addition, there is no compromise on functionality, price or quality. 

With your sustainable choice, your are supporting manufacturers striving to reduce their carbon footprint, you are contributing to the protection of natural resources, you are making your house a healthier place and, finally, you are setting a great example! 



Bottle cooler made of upcycled rice bags from Sri Lanka. Handmade locally by rural women, certified fair trade!

Dimensions: Height 33 cm, diameter 8 cm.

Every product is made from a different rice sack, therefore pictures are representative of the products and every cooler is absolutely unique!

We also offer a super sustainable upcycled cooler bag here!

Your impact

Be fair to people, Fight gender inequality and Give waste a new life: You are choosing fair trade products made from waste material found Sri Lanka's coastline. Rice & Carry directly tackles two issues: growing amount of plastic waste and lack of job opportunities for women from rural areas. Everything is handmade by female artisans, of course paid fair wages, according to fair trade principles.

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