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Hi, thank you for being here! 
I am Valentina, and together with Nicolás we are the founders of The Good Gift store.

The inspiration for founding The Goof Gift store came out of love for our world and its inhabitants.

Our team is moved by the responsibility our generation has for a better future. We believe that our current socio-economic system has led us close to an environmental and social crisis, and that something has to be done now. While traveling we have seen how the world is suffering because of irresponsible and exaggerated consumerism, but we have also seen how people and ecosystems can thrive when things are done the right way. This is why we strongly believe that the world needs more social and circular business models that can restore our environment and also create equality.

The Good Gift store wants to be an accessible platform where you can find brands that can be trusted and where you can be sure that everything you see has a positive impact on people and on the environment.

For the last year we worked together to develop this platform and now, since Nicolás moved forward to another sustainability adventure with a small consultancy firm, I am the one here to help you.

Are you an environment lover, do you believe in sustainable living or are you someone looking for amazing gift ideas that make something good for the world? Then you are in the perfect place!

Let's make the world a better place, one gift at a time!

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