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We are totally in love with Brandt candles, sustainable candles handmade in Utrecht from 100% soywax. The Sample set of 4 Apothecary candles is composted of 4 different fragrances, deep dive in the information below to know the inspiration and the content of each of them! Enjoy!


Welcome to a white sandy beach, turquoise sea and soft waving palm trees. The Coconut & Aloe Vera scent takes you back to the sun. It used the typical surfwax that you put on your board before hitting the water as an inspiration. 

Top: Bay leaf, Aloë Vera 
Heart: Camphor 
Base: Coconut, Fig


The Wild Tobacco soy wax candle has a smokey woodsy scent accompanied by notes of the floral and warm gardenia flower. It is one of the smoothest candles of the collection. It will ease you into a relaxed evening or dance with you while cooking.

Top: Tobacco flower 
 Heart: Hay, Gardenia 
 Base: Cedarwood, Vetiver  


The sweet spicy scent of green tea combined with a subtle fresh note of lime leaf makes your home feel like a luxury spa. The green tea candle is perfect to burn while studying, on a summer day or next to a warm bath. 

Top: Lime, Petitgrain 
Heart: Green pine, Cajeput 
Base: Rosewood, Green tea  


This Honeysuckle candle is warm with accents of citrus like lemon and bergamot. The Honeysuckle Apothecary has that perfect balance between fresh and floral. 

Top: Lemon 
Heart: Bergamot 
Base: Honeysuckle, Vetiver, Jasmine


This shrub is also called the queen of the night for spreading her scent when night falls. But with the Apothecary Jasmine candle you can spread the sweet, exotic scent through the room at any time. 

Top: Lemon balm 
Hart: Guave 
Basis: Jasmine, Rose


Perfect waves drifting towards the coast, the strong wind is even more perfect, and the salty air breeze touches your face. An ultimate scent that will bring you back to a nostalgic beach day. 

Top: Lemongrass 
Hart: Orchid, cypress 
Basis: Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood


Whether you are reading a good book, or you combine this lavender candle with your morning routine, the classic relaxing scent of lavender can be used for all-day moments of serenity. Our Apothecary candle is infused with floral lavender oils smoothed with citrus and sweet accents. 

Top: Bergamot 
Hart: Orange blossom 
Basis: Lavender, Vanilla, Cedarwood

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