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Soy wax candles homemade in Utrecht

The problem

Most regular candles contain animal raw materials like beeswax and stearin from animal fat. Too often, they also contain paraffin. When paraffin candles burn, they emit toxic fumes—similar in chemistry to diesel exhaust—containing poisonous chemicals.
Additionally, in most forms, paraffin wax is not biodegradable since it is a by-product of crude oil. The wax itself can take years to biodegrade, especially in large quantities. It also has the potential to release harmful chemicals into the environment.
''Handmade with love in Utrecht. Vegan and cruelty free''

The solution

Brandt sustainable soy wax candles are handmade and poured with love in Utrecht. They are hand-poured from soy wax: a sustainable product and totally vegan! 

The vegan candles from Brandt are made from 100% eco soy wax, natural-based oils and a lead-free wick made from eco-cotton. Also, soy wax candles burn 30% to 45% longer than paraffin candles, and there is less smoke when burning soy wax candles.

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