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Body creams and beauty products that use ingredients that grow naturally in the rainforest and work with the rainforest and its inhabitants.

The problem

The rainforest is the number 1 fighter against climate change. But every 2 seconds, a football field of forest is destroyed and regularly replaced by monoculture plantations. The locals often have no choice but to sell their land.
''Wild by nature''

The solution

Fat Forest uses ingredients that naturally grow in the rainforest. They are carefully harvested by the local population, without affecting the rainforest. They live and work in balance with nature and play an active role in protecting the richness of the rainforest. In this way it becomes a sustainable source of income for them.

Fat Forest wants to change the skin care industry with this sustainable alternative, and stop deforestation. Because you choose FAT FOREST products, you help the rainforest on Borneo and its inhabitants.


How is the rainforest preserved with the purchase of Fat Forest products?
By purchasing Fat Forest products you contribute to preserving the rainforest on Borneo. This works as follows: Fat Forest has made agreements with 4 villages and 122 farmers, that they will preserve and protect the forests where the illipe trees grow, as long as we buy the illipe nuts they harvest from them at a fair price. 
Because we buy the illipe nuts, they earn an income from the standing forest, and they can maintain the forest instead of selling it or replacing it with a plantation to earn something from it. 
 This is only a first step to help the local communities to make ends meet. Together with the communities, Fat Forest investigates which rich ingredients can be harvested from the forest in a responsible way.
How are the m2 protected forest of each product calculated?
The four villages together have a forest cover of 26,635 hectares, of which Fat Forest produces 143.8 tons of illipe butter from the total of the illipe nuts from these four villages, so 5.4 kg per hectare. This equates to 1.85 m2 of rainforest per 1 gram of illipe butter. The amount of rainforest protection is calculated based on the grams of illipe butter contained in each product.
What is sustainable about the Fat Forest products?
Fat Forest products are palm oil-free and consist of 100% natural ingredients. In addition, all products are not tested on animals and contain no microplastics.They strive to have 100% of the ingredients come from the rainforest. To guarantee product quality, natural ingredients are also added that do not come directly from the rainforest. This is kept to a minimum.
Are the products Fair Trade and organic?
The illipe butter has a Fair for Life certificate and is organically certified. Fair for Life is a quality mark for Fair Trade and Responsible Chains. It is aimed at producers in an economically vulnerable position, such as small farmers. 

Fair for Life has requirements that limit the use of chemicals, and moving towards organic farming is strongly recommended. In addition, there are requirements to minimize energy use, limit air and water pollution, and protect natural ecosystems.
Are the products vegan?
All products are cruelty-free and the body cream is vegan. Beeswax has been added to the stick skin bar and to the lip balm to ensure product quality and ease of use. These are therefore not vegan.
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