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Got Bag

Got Bag created the first backpacks and daypacks made of ocean plastic! Depending on the bag you choose, from 2.5 to 3.5 kg of ocean plastic is recovered and upcyled. With every ton of recycled PET we are saving 2.8 barrels of oil and 1700 kg of CO2!
Sustainability with style!

The problem

Plastic waste floating around in the seas is a danger to humans and animals. They pollute our waters, kill countless animals every year and even reach humans by breaking down in very dangerous microplastics. We are all responsible for the amount of plastic that enters the oceans every day and every year. We can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the seas, but what to do with what it is already there?
''Because future generations need our oceans too!'

The solution

Clean ups in Indonesia collect a huge amount of plastic that is used as raw material for backpacks and bags. Part of the profits is used to finance further recovery of waste material. Got Bag works with local communities of fishermen that pick up plastic as bycatch and bring it to a central collection point to be sorted out, cleaned and processed to create high quality yarn. This process has great environmental and social benefits!

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