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Healthy Seas Socks

Healthy Seas socks are made of lost and abandoned fishing nets. Each sock contributes to reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the oceans and to save fishes and marine animals.

The problem

Our oceans are haunted by ghost nets. Fishing gear lost or abandoned in the water will never go away, unless recovered. In the meantime, it kills millions of marine animals every year and decomposes in microplastics, dangerous for human health and for the ecosystem. Ghost nets make up at least 46 percent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, that is itself three times the size of France.
''How a sock saves a fish'

The solution

Healthy Socks works with Healthy Seas, a non-profit initiative that was founded by an NGO and 2 sustainable enterprises. The first is a professional in the removal of ghost nets, the second knows how to sustainably turn waste into nylon and the third has been producing high quality socks for decades. The result is 100% ecological socks of sustainable nylon and GOTS biological cotton.Healthy socks is also a Fair Wear member: this means certified sustainably manufacturing. It is also investing in education to fishermen and to the general public about the problems related to ghost nets.An original sock that means less pollution in the ocean, less marine animals getting caught in the ghost nets, fair working conditions, fair pay and sustainable production processes.

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