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 Upcycled products that aim at creating environmental awareness and developing sustainable local businesses. 

The problem

Humans generated 2.01 billion tons of solid waste in 2016 and by 2050, that could rise to 3.4 billion tons, according to the World Bank. If all this waste was put on trucks they would go around the world 24 times. About 12% of all municipal waste in 2016 was plastic ⁠— 242 million tons of it. 
We know the best solution is to not produce any rubbish that can’t be recycled. But what to do with what is already there, and will end up in landfills, in incinerators or, even worse, in the environment?
''We don't believe in charity, we make people stronger'

The solution

IWAS is a platform for upcycled products that reprocesses waste into cool objects of use. IWAS teams believe in making people stronger by sustainable job creation and upscaling upcycling communities. What they do: 
- Train local, unemployed communities to create products; 
- Create economic incentives to ensure sustainability;
- Work to break the cycle of trash by building a greener future. 

IWAS upcycling partners are located in Indonesia (XS Project and Sapu Upcycle) and India (Meso Design).

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