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Little Sun

Little Sun is a high-quality portable solar lamp that brings clean and sustainable light to people around the world, especially where it is needed the most. Designed by artist Olafur Eliasson, it promotes education, safety and health in rural Africa.

The problem

1.1 billion people worldwide live without electricity or with poor power supply. People cannot work when there is no natural light, doctors have to work by candlelight and kids struggle doing their homework in the evenings. Sometimes their only solution is to use dangerous and unhealthy kerosene lamps.Β 
''We are all connected by the sun''

The solution

Little Sun is a global project with a social business model, founded by the internationally renowned artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen. Started as an art project in July 2012 at the Tate Gallery of Modern Art in London, they have now distributed more than 1 million lamps worldwide, half of them in regions without electricity, and changing the lives of 3 million people.Little Sun provides affordable solar lamps to the world. Access to this clean and sustainable source of light means safety, health and increased professional and educational opportunities. For every product sold, Little Sun gives one to their partners in rural Africa, where they train local sales agents and bring solar energy to those who need it most.

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