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Reusable notebooks made of innovative stone paper that can be erased and rewritten on at least 500 times.

The problem

A chunk of natural forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every two seconds, every single day. Deforestation is taking place at an alarming rate – around 10 million hectares of forest are destroyed every year, making way for activities like cattle pasture, palm oil plantations, soy fields or roads. Most of this is happening in tropical regions, full of life and home to threatened species.Deforestation in numbers: 
Every year, 10 million hectares of forest is destroyed.Over 1 billion people live in and around forests. Human impacts have destroyed around 40% of forests. There’s only about half the number of trees on the planet today that there were when humans first evolved.
"Fight waste of paper to save the trees and create new ecosystems"

The solution

In a world where natural resources are becoming more and more scarce, it is important that we make sustainable choices every day.MOYU notebooks are produced in an environmentally friendly way and can also last for years. The pages are made of innovative stone paper, which feels slightly firmer and smoother than regular paper. The pages therefore remain intact for a long time and you can erase the ink completely & flawlessly with a damp cloth, even if your notes have been in your book for months, and you can rewrite the page up to 500 times! For example, with a notebook you can annually save over 3 trees, 550 liters of water, 180 kg of CO2 emissions. Additionally, thanks to your purchase a tree is planted in collaboration with the organization Trees For Keyna.

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