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Paperhigh & Ecomaximus

A range of stationery products made of real elephant dung paper from Sri Lanka. What does it mean? The paper fibres are pulped by the elephant, instead of by hand or machine, through digestion. The elephant dung is collected and then boiled with margosa leaves, which are a natural disinfectant, and finally mixed with 25% recycled paper.Each sheet is unique, as the shade and smuttiness of the paper depends on the elephant diet! 

The problem

There are too many captive elephants in the world, forced to live in chains or to work in miserable conditions. Also irresponsible tourist facilities use techniques that harm them, by causing deep wounds and spinal damages. They also suffer from poaching and loss of natural habitat, leading to conflicts with rural communities, as they come close to the villages looking for food they cannot find in their natural living areas. Additionally, the paper industry is a big contributor to deforestation and loss of animal habitats, and production uses a lot of water.
''Fairness trade handmade gifts with an unusual twist''

The solution

All elephant poop paper products are made by skilled and creative artisans using elephant dung paper from the Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust in Sri Lanka. Maximus has its workshop in the grounds of the Millennium Elephant Foundation, a small charity that cares for sick, old and disabled elephants. The foundation is also working hard to resolve the conflict between elephants and local communities. Working with initiatives of elephant conservation, they are able to show the positive relationship local economies can have with these amazing animals - an example is that they pay villagers to collect the elephant dung which is used to make the paper, giving good and fair work opportunities to rural villages. Paper High also produces from Lokta Paper, a plant that grows in the Himalayas, and from recycled newspaper!

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