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Rice & Carry

Rice & Carry accessories are all upcycled products made from discarded rice sacks found on the coastlines of Sri Lanka. They are handmade by women from rural areas.

The problem

In too many countries there are still strong limitations to women's economic development.Women represent 43% or global agricultural workforce, they work 12 to 13 hours more per week than men and most of them work primarily as unpaid or contributing family workers. Equal opportunities for women is not just a right, it is a way to eradicate poverty. Giving a fair salary to women also means giving opportunities for education and health to their children. 

At the same time, it has been estimated that each year, more than 3.95 trillion bags end up in the ocean, threatening biodiversity and food security because of climate change.
''Fair trade products from waste''

The solution

This great entrepreneurship from Sri Lanka tackles these issues by upcycling garbage and helping rural communities. Certified member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), Rice & Carry is doing a great job at cleaning the coasts of Sri Lanka and fighting gender inequality.



Products from waste

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