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Southern Shores

Yoga mats made of FSC-certified organic natural rubber + recycled natural rubber + recycled plastic bottles, and yoga accessories made of 100% natural and ecological cork and organic cotton, with CO2 neutral production and logistics.

The problem

Plastic waste floating around in the seas is a danger to humans and animals. They pollute our waters, kill countless animals every year and even reach humans by breaking down in very dangerous microplastics. We are all responsible for the amount of plastic that enters the oceans every day and every year. We can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the seas, but what to do with what it is already there?

The solution

Southern Shores was founded in Hamburg by the brothers Hannes and Lasse and is a true family business with a mission: to make yoga more sustainable and use the power of yoga to help our beautiful planet. A collection of eco friendly yoga products, with the OCEAN MAT as the forefront of the collection: it was developed as a sustainable improvement to the natural rubber yoga mats available on the market.In addition to creating amazing sustainable products, Southern Shores is helping our planet through strong actions. Through the Clean Beach Initiative, it organizes clean ups on the beaches of Barcelona every week. Together with many yogis and non-yogis, they were able to collect over two tons of garbage since 2019, and many more tons are to come! As part of the 1% For The Planet pledge, Southern Shores donates to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), the world's leading organization fully committed to the global protection of whales and dolphins. With campaigns, research work, conservation projects, educational work and the creation of the world's first Beluga sanctuary in Iceland, WDC makes an important contribution to these unique animals.

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