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Treecelets are easy adjustable, sustainable and fair trade bracelets that plant trees!

The problem

Trees are natural ways of storing carbon and limiting the impact of climate change. At the current rates of deforestation, the major forests of the world will disappear in only 100 years.Additionally, animals like elephants and koalas struggle due to loss of habitats, poaching, increased conflict with communities and impacts of climate change. 
''Your wear, we plant''

The solution

With every bracelet purchased, you plant 3 trees in different areas of the globe (check the bracelet's name!) and you finance awareness campaigns against deforestation. The Animals Collection (elephant and koala) also supports and finances animal charities that protect endangered species – the primary victims of deforestation.Treecelets are handmade in Slovenia by home working mothers and disabled communities. This gives women the possibility to have a stable income and provide for their children, and gives working opportunities to vulnerable people.

Bracelets that plant trees...

and support animal charities...

all over the world!

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